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Monday, July 27, 2009

The Red Herring - See you never

*Guys, let me start by pointing out that the photo above is not, in fact, a photo of the restaurant The Red Herring but rather an actual Red Herring. I left my camera at home and had to improvise...
Yesterday, after a near-flawless performance at Steenberg had seen Long Distance and I comfortably defeat The Silver Bear and So-So over 18 holes we headed out to Noordhoek Village for lunch. Oh. My. Word. It was an absolute bleeding eyeball. There were kids and dogs, kids with dogs and kids pretending to be dogs. It was pretty hectic. Now, don't get me wrong, I know that's the vibe out there and I understand that but this was all a bit much. I didn't feel like the scrum of finding parking so we headed off to The Red Herring. I had never eaten there, except for a pizza at Power's birthday party but it was Sunday, I was chilled and I figured "how bad could they be?" Absolutely shocking is the answer.

I suppose the warnings signs were there. When we asked our waitress what the linefish was and she said she had never had linefish and didn't know what it tasted like I should've left immediately so maybe what followed was my fault...

The fish and chips was a tiny portion of hake with a soggy batter. The pre-bought oven chips were fine but what really made me have a little giraffe (a laugh. My new word, use it if you want) was their garnish. A sprig of rosemary, a stalk of lavender and a small bunch of coriander. Three herbs. One plate. Come on. The burger and self-same oven chips were better but not great.

Now, I need to make something clear. I am not a food snob. I see the value in a toasted cheese made on the braai, a bacon and egg roll, or a hot-dog, when the timing is right. Cheap and cheerful is fine but it can still be done well and with a level of pride. Unfortunately, The Red Herring is disappointing in all areas and I left feeling totally dissatisfied. I have heard their pizza is legendary (I remain skeptical) and there are great views from the deck upstairs so maybe you are best sticking with that. Otherwise, give it a miss.

Jamie Who

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Mike said...

I agree JW. I went there a while back and it was SHOCKING! It has been getting by on reputation for too long now but the fact is that they are simply not good enough.