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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bread - I'm not convinced

This is going to be a short entry. I went to The Killers last night and can't feel my face. Apologies. 

Saturday morning saw The Princess and I make a turn past The Biscuit Mill for some Christmas shopping. Oh. My. Word. PACKED. After half an hour of what I would explain as a bleeding eyeball we got the hell out of there and headed to the newly refurbished Bromwell Hotel. The place looks very cool from the outside and I was keen to check out their new restaurant, Bread. First impressions were good and the menu looked promising. That's where it fell apart. I walked around and was ready to start taking some pics when I was told....get this...I wasn't allowed to! HEY! Seriously? That is just too precious for words. I tried to explain to the waiter (who later gave me a business card with the title SERVICE AMBASSADOR - no joke) that I was writing an article but he didn't budge. The only thing I can think of is that they were trying to protect their art collection. If so, surely they could've just asked me not to use my flash? (which I wasn't anyway) 

Onto the food. By now the bitter taste in my mouth was pretty much full-blown so the meal didn't really stand much of a chance to be honest. I tried to be professional but the appalling service wasn't finished yet. Another one of the waiters, a beautiful creature (a guy with black eyeliner and long nails) came and told us he was closing the door that led to the courtyard where we were sitting so that the people inside could enjoy the aircon. So...there we were. Just the two of us chilling in a deserted courtyard with nobody in sight. Honestly, it felt like a scene from I am Legend with Will Smith. It was totally bizarre. Anyway, the breakfast was average. If you are going to be calling your place Bread you should make sure yours is the best. It wasn't. The "truffled" scrambled eggs tasted quite bland too. 

Bread is a good example of how a great venue can be ruined by the staff. The attitude is pompous and a real shame because the place has loads of potential and is visually very cool. 

Check out their site on www.breadcafe.co.za 

Jamie Who


Elosqueeze said...

I totally agree. Went to bird "boutique" cafe in bree street this past Saturday and the service was horrible. We even tried to complain to management/owners and they didn't even bother poking their face round the corner. When asked for the bill (after waiting 40 min for our drinks and breakfast), it was literally thrown down on the table in front of us. The real irony is the sign board says "this place is really nice" - Hmm, not actually.

Jamie Who said...

You've gotta hate shitty service. And I know you would NOT have digged that vibe at all

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