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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rum and cherry coke floats

I mentioned I would be throwing out a couple of cocktails for you guys to enjoy. A mate of mine, Power, is the brand manager of Bacardi and several other top labels and he's going to be helping us. Our boy is SUPER-passionate about booze. Once he starts talking it's actually difficult to get him to stop. His palette is amazingly advanced as a result though and he brings out some killer ingredients. Infusions, emulsions, fresh produce, herbs, dried fruit, syrups etc. He basically nails it. I thought I would ease you into it though with something fun and uncomplicated. We nailed a few of these on our recent trip to Riebeek Kasteel and it was such an awesome throwback to the days of growing up. I don't care who you are, airs and graces will go out the window when you're sucking one of these bad boys. 

I'm not going to get technical about exact ratios (this will come into play with other cocktails) but basically here's what you do to make one:

1. Fill a highball or collins glass to the top with ice.

2. Pour in a double of shot of Bacardi Superior Rum. 

3. Fill to the top with chilled Cherry Coca-Cola. 

4. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Garnish with maraschino cherries. 

This isn't exactly rocket science guys but there's something so awesome about the "cheesiness" of this drink. If you serve it on a beautiful silver platter like we did it can add a playful touch to a formal event. Guests with a sense of humour will appreciate this as a dessert after dinner, or as a refreshing drink at a braai. 

Your trainer will hate you. You will hate me. But I will still love you. Enjoy...

Jamie Who  

P.S. How good is Mrs. Awesome's food photography? Very f-ing good. 


Janine / Being Brazen said...

those look awesome

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