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Thursday, April 9, 2009

NOVA - worth the hype

Richard Carstens, head chef at NOVA, has racked up a few accolades in his career. Regarded as The Oscars of the South African food scene, the Eat Out Awards have seen him win chef of the year, as well as his past restaurants being named in the Eat Out's top 10 restaurant's three times while he was head chef.

So, when he opened NOVA it came with a massive reputation. He has responded with some brilliant food and a trendy, modern setting. Remember Relish? That place in town that was cool for about 6 months but you haven't been to in about 2 years? Well, NOVA has taken over half of the ground floor. It still has that beautiful view of Table Mountain, and now it has the food to match.

The flavour combinations are extreme, unique and often a bit strange when reading from a menu. But once you taste his creations you cannot help but appreciate that the guy is a genius. The venison with pear, plum and apricot was perfection while scallops were given an interesting twist with carrots, ginger and mustard. Words don't do the food justice though, and neither the presentation, which was breathtaking.

If it's a special occasion spoil yourself and try the 6-course degustation menu with the option of a recommended wine for each course to fully enhance the flavours.

A masterpiece that will surely be rewarded with a spot on next year's top 10.

Jamie Who

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