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Monday, April 6, 2009

The winners and the losers

I really can't go into too much detail about what I ate at the Taste of Cape Town festival this weekend, except to say that on the whole it was an awesome experience. We went on Saturday night and found it a lot vibier than last year, when we took on a day time session.

A brief summary of the best food on offer includes Coca-Cola basted pork ribs from Bruce Robertson's Showroom Cafe, La Colombe's Asian beef tartare, the laquered lamb neck from Le Quartier Francais, Bread and Wine's version of bangers and mash (which included truffles!) and George Jardine's cauliflower puree with crispy duck. The disappointment of the evening was without a doubt the crumbed chicken breast stuffed with Gorgonzola from Five Flies. It was a shocker. Basically a glorified schnitzel, this dish summed up why the restaurant that was once one of the best in the country has been left way behind in Cape Town's culinary scene. Wang Thai was also there, and hideous little bowls of deep-fried stuff were being passed around to anyone brave enough. I can't tell you what lurked inside those bowls, but it wasn't pretty...

The booze guys were also well represented, with Grolsch and Jack Daniels having the most impressive stalls.

All in all, the night was one where it's best if you leave your diet at the door. Sometimes you just have to relax and enjoy, which is exactly what we did.

Good times, good people.


Jamie Who

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