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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Riebeek Valley Olive Festival

I recently wrote about the cheese festival coming up in Franschoek. Turns out there is another weekend to diarise. From 1 - 3 May, the Riebeek Valley is holding their olive festival. Now, for those of you who havent been out to that part of the world, take it from me - it is awesome. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, guesthouses and wine farms and of course olives everywhere. The town has got that cool, every-day-is-Sunday kind of vibe about it and the people are SUPER chilled. Not too much to stress about there.

The olive festival is the perfect time to go check it out. As well as all the tastings there will be a South African food village serving traditional SA chow and also an art exhibition showcasing internationally-renowned local artists. The organisers say there will be plenty of parking, as well as a shuttle service lifting people to the various venues.

I'm really bummed I can't make it this year but if you're looking for something to do you should go. Trust me, it is worth the trip.

Jamie Who

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