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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Showroom and Riboville call it a day

So The Showroom and Riboville have closed down. Bruce Robertson has recently opened his Showroom Cafe in Long Street so one can only assume he is planning on focusing on this and possibly other projects in the future. Riboville, however, was apparently liquidated. When you consider the huge space, expansive menu and the number of staff in that place you can understand why. Oh yeah, and the fact that is was always empty. 

I will miss The Showroom. I think Bruce Robertson is a genius so let's hope he has some plans for the future. Riboville, for me, was great when it opened but has been disappointing for a while now. 

There is also a rumour that Paranga is closing down. This is speculation at the moment but I will let you know if I hear more. 

Let's hope there aren't too many more casualties for the CT restaurant scene. Times are tough as the industry starts to feel the effects of the world-wide recession.  

Jamie Who

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