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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 Moreson Blessing of The Harvest Festival

Normally when I say to people "I'm planning on spending the day knee-deep in wine" it means...well it means I'm going to be drinking a lot of wine. On Saturday though I'M GOING TO BE SPENDING THE DAY KNEE-DEEP IN WINE. You see, I'm going to be making my own. It's all part of the 2010 Moreson Blessing of the Harvest festival. 

For R300 you get to pick grapes from their vineyards, climb in a barrel and create your own wine. Then you enjoy lunch at the awesome Bread & Wine run by Neil Jewell (I don't care how full I am, I will have a charcuterie board even if I have to blend it up and inject it into my veins). There's also a label-designing competition which I am looking to The Queen to win. She is a graphic designer after all. (Did you like that little insight into my life. Hey? How close have we grown lately? It's wonderful.) She better win, If not, she's walking back to our hotel. Joooookes man, relax. I'll give her a bike. 

Seriously though, it promises to be a good day out. Wine and food. It's that simple. 

For more check out their site (here) or call Tina on (021) 876-3055. The event also runs on Sunday but don't forget The CapeTown10's  rugby is on in Greenpoint. Bloody hell I love Cape Town. 

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