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Friday, February 5, 2010

AlcoFree Feb - For South Africans Against Drunk Driving

My general response to anyone mentioning a "detox month" has in the past been to stick my fingers in my ears and run away screaming. So you can imagine how much thought I've given to what I am about to announce:

I will not be boozing for the month of February. 





But wait, let's explore what on earth would make me feel like I need to do this. The answer is...I'm doing it for a good cause. You see, there is a charity set up which is aimed at promoting awareness for the South Africans Against Drunk Driving campaign. Now, I'm not going to get all high and mighty and start preaching about how bad South Africans are with drinking and driving but I honestly do believe we must be one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to this. In London or Australia if you have a glass of wine or two at lunch they call you a taxi. It might seem silly but that's how it should be done. In South Africa it's not uncommon to check someone drink his own bodyweight in brandy and then drive himself home. But as I said, this isn't a lecture. It's more about championing what I feel is a great idea. You donate R50 to sign up and here is the best part: YOU CAN THEN BUY DAYS YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DRINK ON FOR R20! 

"So Jamie, you can cheat?" 

Damn right you can. The way I see it, the more you cheat the more money you donate so it's win/win. Look, I'm going to try and hold out for as long as possible but with The Big Man's wedding to C-Dog and The Queen's birthday (not to mention So-So also having a birthday and no less than three more weddings this month) I'm bound to fall off the wagon once or twice. The beauty with this campaign is that you're allowed to. All it costs is R20 a pop. 

For more info log onto http://www.alcofreefeb.co.za/

It's going to be bloody hard but let's stay strong together people. Safety in numbers. 

Jamie Who


Lisa said...

Well done! I love reading about your adventures when you've been drinking but I'm sure your reviews will still be entertaining

Anonymous said...

Good effort

Claire said...

Hey Jamie,
Thanks for the blog. So cool to see you taking part, and encouraging others. Good luck, and enjoy the "SpecialBreaks" :)

Claire and Laura

Jamie Who said...

Claire, I donated R560 to your cause (it's buying a cheat day for the entire month of Feb!)

Don't worry, I'm not going to use them - I just thought such a good cause deserved a bit extra.

Claire said...

Thank u Jamie :) wat a legend!