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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jack Black and Brewers&Union - We Love Real Beer

I have written quite often on this page about how much I love Jack Black Beer. I've also mentioned how awesome Brewers & Union is for delicious chow and artisanal beer. Last night I went to the launch of a concept that sees these two teams collaborating on a very exciting idea. 

It's dubbed We Love Real Beer, and plans to showcase the microbreweries around the country (and continent). With mass-produced, chemically-enhanced stuff being the beer of choice for most people in this country, We Love Real Beer plans at setting up a platform for the little guys. The guys who truly care about their produce. The guys who use no additives or preservatives. The guys who brew their beer for longer. The passionate guys. 

Both Jack Black and Brewers&Union have realised how the marketing landscape has changed with the rise of social media. Everyone now has a voice and the consumers' is the loudest. With this in mind, their We Love Real Beer website is aimed at being an interactive way of bringing retailers, suppliers and consumers closer together. The vibe they are after is to get people to communicate where they go for a beer, what they drink, who they drink it with, how often they drink it etc. It's a very, very cool idea to gather information and use it constructively. 

The thing that really stood out for me last night was watching a Brewers&Union employee happily pouring me a Jack Black pint. In theory these guys are direct competitors, but they don't think like that. They have the bigger picture in mind and both are looking to do one thing: champion beer. Real beer. Made properly. It's that simple. If only other industries were this open minded. 

Their site is spanking new and at the moment there's not much to look at. But apparently they did that on purpose. Their theory? Beer needs to be the focus, not a pretty site with loads of worthless gimmicks. 

Watch out for Jack Black and CSG beers. They might cost a bit more but to me they represent amazing value for money. You need to remember value-for-money doesn't mean "cheap". It means VALUE FOR MONEY. 

Check out the www.weloverealbeer.com site 

Jamie Who


Jasper said...

Beer, Beer, Beer, the answer to word peace...

Lauren said...

I work for Mitchell's Brewery, and being a small micro brewery with a fantastic range of all natural draught beers, we will definitely be getting involved! It's about time that all the little guys stood together to bring the public some decent *REAL* beers!