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Monday, February 15, 2010

Taste of Cape Town - A double ticket could be yours

Okay kids, gather round. I'm sitting here holding two double tickets for this year's Taste of Cape Town Festival, which takes place on the 24th-28th of March. I wrote about this event last year (here) and can safely say it is an awesome day out and needs to be experienced if you consider yourself (a) Capetonian (b) a foodie or (c) both. 

Because I feel the way I do about you guys (we really have taken things to the next level lately don't you think?) I am giving these tickets away. They are valued at R160 per double ticket and could be yours. All you have to do is send me a recipe or a restaurant review that makes me smile/cry/applaud/laugh/pump fist in air etc. Basically you need to send me something that gets a reaction. I'm telling you not to be boring peeps. Do you hear me? Do you feel me? Good. 

I will pick one winner for a recipe submission and one for a restaurant review. They don't need to be long, they just need to be brilliant. 

If you still need convincing of exactly how cool this event is, check out their website on www.tasteofcapetown.com 

I'll announce the winners on Monday, the 1st of March. 

Jamie Who


dorothy said...

ooh ooh i get so excited by the idea of writing a review but i kinda always get stuck after, 'OMG the place/food/service was awesome/shitty'.

i've come to accept that my career is not in food and restaurant reviews.

Michelle said...

OMG. Performance anxiety. Will have to drink before I attempt this. Mail ya later then.