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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Good Food & Wine Show ticket winners

A big thanks to everyone who entered the comp for The Good Food & Wine Show. I must say it's awesome to see how many foodies there are out there. I got people writing in with some interesting explanations as to why they deserved the tickets. Tactics ranged from flattery to passion to excitement to threats! I wish I had tickets for everyone but in the end these are the people I picked. Congrats and stay posted to find out where and how you get your hands on the tickets.

1. Hila Jonker
2. Georg van Rensburg
3. Nina Timm
4. Polly Howard
5. Tammyn Gregory

There it is guys. I am so bummed I don't have more. Keep eating and keep drinking.

Jamie Who

1 comment:

Nina Timm said...

Oh my hat I am so happy Woohoo!!!!