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Friday, May 28, 2010

We Love Real Beer - welcome

Just a quick one peeps - it seems life is getting in the way of food and drink today...

You'll notice a new logo somewhere on this page. I've spoken before about my hesitancy to just throw any logo up, but here's one I believe in. My love affair with Jack Black started way back when I did this post about them. I explained how much I love the product, the brand, but more importantly the philosophy behind it. Micro-brewed by people with passion. The response I got from them was amazing and I took on a self-nominated "ambassador" approach, drinking it wherever I could and telling anyone who would listen that they should do the same. 

My love for &Union is also pretty well documented. As a restaurant, the concept is brilliant in its simplicity. They stock phenomenal beer and highly underrated food. Everything in that place is a celebration of all things artisan.

The evening I went to to launch of the We Love Real Beer campaign was when I got the idea of teaming up with these two awesome brands. And that's what we've done. Jack Black Beer. Brewers&Union. Jamie Who. I mean, come now. It makes sense. I'll be sharing any new products that hit &Union, any specials that they run, new pubs selling Jack Black on tap, giveaways, competitions etc. I'm here to share the love. The love of beer. Real beer. 

So join me in raising a glass. To the people who take raising a glass seriously. 

Cheers (not Charles) *ahem
Jamie Who

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