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Friday, June 5, 2009

Bizerca Bistro - My new favourite?

Myself, The Princess and Long Distance went to Bizerca Bistro last night. I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't been there before...From the second you walk in the vibe in this place is warm and inviting. The staff are out of the top drawer - friendly, funky and knowledgeable.

After a quick drink at the stylish, minimalistic black and white bar we were brought a blackboard with the daily specials, as well as a menu with the restaurant's permanent signature dishes. I can honestly say it has been a long time since so many options have jumped out at me from a menu. The style of food is simple, bistro dishes which are dressed up to take them to another level. The unpretentious food is a reflection of the chef and the staff and the flavours are phen-om-en-al. I went for quail as a starter (R68), served on celeriac puree and followed it up with braised beef cheek and gnocchi(R135). To finish it off I ordered the apple tart fine (R45)which the menu states you should allow 30 minutes for. I was happy to do this and the wait was justified as I watched the homemade ice cream melt on out-of-the-oven fresh pastry.

Other highlights at the table included a martini glass full of beef tartare and potato gaufrettes(R60), a mussel and shellfish bisque (R55) and a lamb ragout (R125) which was sensational. The only disappointment was a chicken dish which was a bit dry and bland. We chose Dornier Merlot to wash it down, which was delicious and well priced. All in all, with food on par with the best in Cape Town, the prices are well below the competition. I will be back. Soon.

Jamie Who


Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie Who
This sounds awesome, would love to try it but don't know where it is. Perhaps for each restaurant you review you could provide us with their address and phone number too (or a link to their website if they have one). Know it's lazy and I could look it up myself, but would make things real easy... :-)

Jamie Who said...

Jeez, do you want me to come with and cut your food for you? He he. No worries Anon, that is a fair point. I appreciate the input. Bizerca are actually pretty tough to find so I would suggest giving them a call on (021) 418-0001

Anonymous said...

hi jamie who,
i've heard via "those in the know" in the culinary industry that this blog is rapidly making it's way to the top of the "what's hot in 2009" list!
congrats on a very informative and entertaining blogspot.