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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nguni - Ngoodie

I was editing some of my pics the other day and realised I had forgotten to write up a few of the restaurants I visited on my recent trip to Plett. One that really stands out for me is Nguni. As the name suggests, the beef is amazing but chefs Jacquie and Natalie (formally from The Plettenberg) also produce some genius, quirky touches such as bobotie springrolls and chicken bunny chow with homemade chutney. The space itself is entirely black and white which transforms a tiny old room into a chic farmhouse with beautiful African touches. The winelist has some of the better-known farms and good descriptions of what you can expect from each. For Plett regulars, it is worth mentioning that Nguni is the brainchild of Sue Ovenstone, who runs the legendary Old House Shop. Her style and unique tastes have spilled over into the restaurant and the end result is gorgeous. There are only two waitors for the entire place but you never feel neglected. Quite the opposite actually. 

For lunch there is a lighter menu which changes daily but expect things like quinoa salad with mozzarella and chickpeas or fresh salmon with lemon, mirin and capers. Grab a table on their porch in the sunny courtyard and kick back. If you're not having a good time, it is probably your fault, not theirs. 

For more info check out their (very stylish) site at www.nguni-restaurant.co.za

Jamie Who


Anonymous said...

bobotie spring rolls....bunny chows....last seen on a garden route menu circa 2005, firefly.....plett stealing more knysna innovation!

Jamie Who said...

Yeah look, don't even get me started on Firefly. One of my favourite places to chow in the country. Now you claim Plett to be stealing from Knysna but you don't even leave a name? Not even initials?

Jamie Who