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Monday, June 22, 2009

This is called "Twitter"

So peeps, I'm not too sure how many of you will know this but a few months ago there was this innovative product brought out that people absolutely loved. It was called "Facebook" and allowed people to build a social network online. Did you ever hear about it? It was fairy low-key and only those in the know got hold of it but let me tell you, it was pretty radical. You should check it out. Anyhoo...there is now a new craze called "Twitter". People seem to dig this vibe too so in my efforts to stay cutting edge while continuing to amaze and inspire I have signed up and you can now follow me. Check out the link on the right hand side of the page. Cute bird. Would look good roasted in some red wine, porcini mushrooms and made into a pie. Jooookes man. Not really.

So check it out guys, the technological revolution continues.

Jamie Who


Warren said...

That is some funny writing. I will definitely be following you. Tell me Jamie, you often write about your butcher. Could you perhaps give us his details?

The food queen said...

Great idea. Please let us know when you find some new places.

Lisa said...

Nice to see something unique in CT