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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yuppiechef - who me?

The Good Food and Wine show at the CTICC that I recently wrote about was a bit disappointing to be honest. Lots of stands that were very similar and way, way too many people. In my opinion they should limit ticket numbers and give people allocated time slots. Half the fun of these festivals is to talk to the various exhibitors and get to know both them and their products and the crowds on Sunday made this impossible.

One standout for me though was the Yuppiechef stand. Yuppiechef is an online food shopping experience that has taken the coolest kitchen/cooking brands and put them all on one site where you can browse and buy. Their products are all a bit edgy and funky but still offer amazing performance. The site is perfect for finding presents and the delivery process is super-easy. Recent purchases by yours truly include the very cool "bunny" salt and pepper grinders and rubber ties to secure meats when roasting/stuffing.

Jamie Who

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Shane said...

Thanks for the Yuppiechef mention, glad you liked our stand! :)