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Monday, June 1, 2009

Wijnhuis (Newlands) - Mr. Consistent

Here's a restuarant that opened 8 years ago and is still going strong, which should tell you something. A simple, uncomplicated style of food is matched by unbelievable service in a beautiful setting, with three levels and views of Table Mountain. Depending on your mood you can take a seat in the (very underrated) bar area, chill in the library at the back of the restaurant, grab a table overlooking the 'burbs to do a bit of people-watching or sit amongst the wines in the upstairs cellar.

Prices are steep, it must be said, but portions are above average and quality is exremely consistent. So it's a case of asking yourself if you're willing to pay R120 for a seafood pasta packed with fresh clams and linefish or if you would rather pay R80 down the road and get some recycled marinara sauce. The beef tagliata (sirloin strips, flash-fried and served rare) with chilli, garlic and olive oil (R115) is a personal favourite and the penne arrabiata (R95) is also a winner. Also, watch out for little "freebies" that they like to throw in. In winter, they will often bring you a decent portion of their soup of the day for a taste and in summer homemade nougat and ice-cream or fresh watermelon is brought with the bill. These little touches, along with piping-hot homemade bread on the tables, make a big difference in my opinion.

As you would expect, their wine list is top-notch with some big names sitting comfortably alongside boutique estates. There are plenty of options available by the glass.

It's a good spot, aimed at locals and businessmen. They have lots of regulars which is always a good sign. Check it out.
Jamie Who


Anonymous said...

Jamie Who, i was instructed to read your blog by Rexy and well, i must tell you how much i enjoyed it. we will be sure to put to use your lovely recipes and creative ideas in our kitchen here at the mountain shadows estate.
thank you and will be watching this space keenly. kathy truter

Food fundi said...

I was a Wijnhuis fan when it first opened in Stellenbosch (in the heydays of my student years it was the ONLY spot to go when the folks were down to splurge on a birthday treat), and am still a massive fan of the Newlands offering. Your review got it just right Jamie Who.