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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jardine - Now serving lunch

There's something pretty exciting happening. Well...exciting if you love amazing chow at silly prices. What's that? You do. Well then listen up. 

From today Jardine in Bree Street is serving lunch upstairs on Wednesdays (fake Fridays to me anyway) and Fridays (umm...real Fridays I guess). For the first two weeks they're having a launch special where starters are priced from R40-R60 and mains are at R80. Desserts come in at R40. So...three courses cooked by one of the best chefs in the country, at one of the best restaurants in the country, will sting you about R160. Call the cops people, that's a steal. Dishes like Saldanha Bay Oysters, West Coast Mussels, Roasted Line Fish, Ribeye with green beans and Dark Chocolate Mousse feature. The vibe is that they bring fresh, seasonal meals out quickly with no stuffing around so that - if you want to - you can be in and out pretty quickly but still get a killer meal. Sounds like a win. 

Give them a shout on (021) 424-5640.  

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