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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Restaurant ratings - Let's first get apples and apples

So it turns out rating these restaurants is going to be quite a lot of work. I've got 64 of them to get through so far. Thanks to everyone who wrote and left suggestions on what they would like to see points get allocated for. 

The first step has been to categorise the restaurants (check out the new tags on the right). That way when you guys log on you can say "mmm...I think I'm up for a little bit of fine dining" and click on it to compare apples and apples. I should point out that these definitions are what the restaurant is SUPPOSED to be, not necessarily what I experienced. For example, Ocean Basket is grouped as "Cheap & Cheerful" when in fact I found it to be neither. 

There are bound to be differences of opinion as to some of the restaurants and which category I have put them in. Let me know when you come across these and we can talk. I threw in the drinks tag because some of the places are well worth just stopping by for a Jack Black or a glass of bubbly, even if you're not eating. 

The actual restaurant ratings will come shortly. Patience my lovelies. Patience. 

Jamie Who

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