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Friday, June 18, 2010

Cape Wine Braai Masters - South African to the core

Maybe it's the World Cup fever that has swept through South Africa in the last few weeks and months, but it's safe to say I have never felt prouder to be part of this country. I always considered myself to be patriotic, but things have been taken to a new level lately. Seeing foreigners openly perv our beautiful scenery, and hearing them rubbish reports they heard prior to arriving (about safety, lack of development, poor infrastructure etc) has been awesome. Our heritage has come to the fore but at the same time change is evident. Super 14 semi-finals and finals in Orlando? And then two weeks later Bafana Bafana playing at Loftus? Who would've thought it a few years back? 

I know I'm not the only one feeling this way. Flags and mirror socks are one thing, but you need only look at peoples' faces in the packed stadiums to know that we are all in the middle of something special. There is a swell of excitement and it's good to be part of it. 

So it is nothing short of genius that the Wines of South Africa (WOSA) - a non-profit organisation - have timed this general feeling of euphoria with the release of a cookbook which aims squarely at our heritage and the heart of what is truly South African. Yip, I'm talking about the braai. 

153 pages are dedicated to our beloved pastime, with areas of focus including such serious matters as:
  • Braai grid preparation
  • Making the fire. (This is especially technical and involves wood selection, lighting technique, stacking coals etc.) 
  • Equipment necessary
The book takes readers on a journey through some of Cape Town's favourite wineries, with the owners and winemakers each sharing their interpretations of the perfect braai. Of course, wine features heavily and is paired with sensational recipes. Expect things like tea-smoked springbok salad, gemsbok fillet, seafood potjie, vegetables in phyllo pastry etc. 

The photography and styling of this book captures not only the food but also the joy of lighting up a braai with mates. It is a simple pleasure, but one that speaks loudly to us. Louder perhaps than any vuvuzela in any of our incredible new stadiums. 

Jamie Who

P.S. I'm sure you'd like to know which farms are interested? Yes? Well I can do better. Go to their website (www.wosa.co.za) and check out the digital version of the book. It's a pleasure luv. 

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