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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pomodoro - Hello Joburg

The e-mails continue to flood in from the Jozi masses. "When are you going to write about Joburg Jamie?" "Why don't you visit us more up here Jamie?" "Can we see a photo of you naked Jamie?" It's never-ending. I don't really know what to say - I love you guys just as much as the Capetonians. If you were here right now you would see I'm busy blowing you kisses. So I'm delighted to be spending a full week up in Jozi. Eating. Drinking. Trying to pretend running at altitude is no big deal.

Yesterday I visited Pomodoro for the first time since they made the move from 1st Avenue in Rivonia. Their new home is the Morningside Shopping Centre and it's a nice shift. Some of the original look and feel has been maintained but it has received a nice injection of style. So less spartan, but still true to the formula that made it a success. Look, it's in a shopping centre, but there's a nice outdoor eating area, soft natural light, good finishes and an owner who is very, very good with his customers. And the menu is good too. Plenty of pizza and pasta but creative sauces and toppings packed with authentic ingredients. Ther are also more substantial offerings like baked linefish and ostrich fillet.

I tried The Dragon's bruschetta topped with fior di latte and anchovies, which was delicious. God I love real anchovies. The Queen was similarly impressed with a simple carpaccio and a side order of wilted spinach and parmesan shavings, but in all honesty they both knew I had ordered the best meal of the day: A prawn pasta with perfectly cooked penne and the curious addition of tequila in the sauce (which was basically tomato and onion). Well, it was a triumph and brought a sharpness to the dish that was most welcome. The fresh chilli I asked for took the dish from good to excellent and in my opinion it should be a permanent fixture in that specific recipe.

I was told to look out for the owner's grandmother but couldn't see her anywhere. I was initially disappointed at not being able to meet such a legend (she's about 85 years old but pulls in for lunch on most days) but sure enough on my way out there she was...happily slurping up Pomodoro's famous Puttenesca sauce. What a legend.

It's in a mall, yes. So are most of the restaurants up here. But it's got a bit of soul and is definitely worth checking out.

Call them on 087 940 3811.

Jamie Who

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Patty said...

Finally! Thank you Jamie and welcome to JHB. I love your blog and it is even cooler when reading about a restaurant I can actually visit.