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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Espresso - Bad name, good fun

If you judge a restaurant by how busy it is (and quite a few people do) then Espresso in Parkhurst must surely be one of the best in the country. Every time I have visited the place it has been absolutely heaving. The formula of: arrive for lunch, get an outside table on the pavement, drink copious amounts of wine, eat calamari and go across the road to The Attic (a funky bar with plenty of character) was revisited last night as I hooked up with The Big Dog and his missus for an early dinner. It was the first time I had been to Espresso for dinner and upon examining the menu it became obvious why. It is simple, cafe food that lends itself to daytime eating. Less obvious is the reason behind calling the place Espresso...

The pizza is thin, crispy and delicious, with the pasta playing a solid hand too, but really it is their secret Peri-Peri sauce that forms the backbone of the menu. It is splashed on the three best things to order at Espresso, which are:
1. The falklands calamari
2. Beef trinchado
3. Prego roll

I tried a caprese sandwich last night which was decent and packed with some high-quality pesto. Not as good as the three options above but something to consider if you just feel like something light.

A strange aspect of Espresso is the fact that they only accept cash. If that seems a bit shady...well...it is. If you don't like it I guess they are happy with you going somewhere else. As I mentioned, with the amount of people this place gets they seem comfortable with losing the odd customer.

Call them on (011) 447-8700

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