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Thursday, June 24, 2010

La Mouette - Fancy a dinner for two?

You may well have heard about La Mouette already. It's the restaurant that sparked the infamous Rossouwgate. I actually felt for them, as JP's review of the restaurant was totally overshadowed by the scathing attack that was mounted by readers in the comments section. People totally lost the plot, and more importantly lost sight of JP's opinions. I haven't reviewed La Mouette, as the only eating experience I have had there was the invitation to a chef's table as part of their launch. I can't provide a fair review based on that meal, but I can tell you the food I ate was sublime. I have also heard from others - who's opinion I trust - that their experiences have been equally good. La Mouette seems to be the real deal, and with an undoubtedly beautiful setting it's worth checking out, even if only for a drink or two.  

But what makes it categorically worth a trip is the special they are currently running. R150 for a 6 course tasting menu. That's bloody good value. Even if the food is only average (which I'm confident it won't be) that's worth visiting for isn't it? Dishes like crispy calamari with paprika, fish soup with potato, mussels and leek and tuna tartare with avocado and rocket promise brilliant value for that price.  

What? Still not convinced? How about half-price cocktails in the new upstairs bar. What's that? Does it have a TV? Yes my dear, it has a flat-screen showing all the football. 

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I'm giving away dinner for two at La Mouette. All you have to do is tell me which teams will be playing in the Cape Town semi-final of the World Cup. Yip, guess those teams and dinner is yours. 

I'll give everyone until 5pm tomorrow to have their predictions in. In the case of more than one person being correct we'll have a draw. 

Go. Go. Go. 

Jamie Who

If you don't win, but still want to check the place out, try their website 


Anonymous said...

I shall be eating at La Mouette
after Portugal eat Brasil on the Green point table....

Lisa said...

I say Portugal vs Uruguay, and Portugal wins. Woo hoo!

Bubbles said...

Ghana vs portugal

Finals Portugal vs England (don't laugh! England may look like a poor bet at the moment - but they will shine soon!)

Feed me feed my hope and faith in a crap team!

Bubbles said...

Portugal vs ghana

And then Portugal vs England in the finals ( don't laugh! Trying to keep my faith in the ever hopeless england team that they will wake up and start to shine - and score goals and win!)

please feed my hope and faith in a sad team!

Karen said...

Wow, okay after exhaustive internet research, as I have to admit to only an immediate knowledge on all world cup games, I have 2 conclusions, a battle between my head and my gut, and as this involves dinner, I'm going with the outside chance of...USA vs Brazil.. there I said it!

Lisa said...

And of course when I said Portugal I meant Brazil. Duh.