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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Caprice dinner club - are they joking?

I often feel sorry for Caprice. You see, the view and the vibe is so awesome and so conducive to cocktails and ice cold Peroni on tap that often the food there gets forgotten. The food is, in fact, pretty amazing and someone could make a fair argument that they have the best burgers in Cape Town. They also make tasty calamari and great salads. Personally, I like to settle in to an assortment of tapas (sorry, are those tender Sirloin cubes? Thanks) and get one of the corner tables near the bar. That's just me...

So when a friend told me about the Caprice dinner club I thought she was taking the piss. Let's break it down. For R80 - that is not a typo - you get three courses and a Heineken. Seriously? Seriously. This Friday the menu includes: Butternut soup with toasted pita bread, a choice of either sirloin steak or pan-fried cajan calamari (both with chips and roasted vegetables) or a vegetable pasta with a vodka and tomato sauce. Dessert is Lindt chocolate brownies. Bloody hell that's good value.

For more info give them a call on (021) 438-8315 and speak to Mike.

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Anonymous said...

So where's the catch? That deal sounds way too good to be true...