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Monday, May 25, 2009

Brewers & Union - Beer and meat. That'll do.

Health took a back-seat on Friday as I met Power and The Big Guy at Brewers&Union for lunch. From the dream team that introduced us to Vida e Caffe, this beer salon/charcuterie is like nothing else in Cape Town. The concept here is that beer can be elevated to gourmet status and with several premium versions on offer, along with staff who love to chat and educate you about the different flavours, they have more than pulled it off. After some advice, we went with the Brewers & Union Unfiltered beer. Well...it was a revelation. Full-bodied, perfect carbonation and packed with light, fresh flavours.

Food-wise the guys have put together a fun, relaxed menu concentrating mainly on high quality meats and cheeses. You can order a couple of tapas or get something a bit more substantial. Two of us went for the beef prego roll which I can categorically say is the best I have ever had. The Big Guy had a spicy chorizo sausage which was beautifully cooked and nicely piquant. The food arrived on wooden boards with a fresh side salad and crisps. Expect to pay about R65 for a main course.

Inside, the space is unique, as you would expect from these guys. There are no tables, only a bar counter running around the perimeter of the room. Different-height steel barstools provide the seating and if the weather is good there are a couple of outside tables.

This is a good spot for a Friday lunch when you're not reaaaaaaaally going to do that much work in the afternoon. Otherwise, it is perfect for a drink after work. Check it out at 110 Bree Street.

Jamie Who

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doug said...

that place rocks just be careful of the road blocks on the way home!!