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Monday, May 18, 2009

Myoga - Six course special

As winter sets in you'll notice restaurants start announcing their specials. This is the time of year that reallly tests the worth of a restaurant, as people prefer to get cosy at home instead of braving the weather. I have seen dozens of restaurants advertising their version of a winter special but for me the one that really stands out is at Myoga. Mike Bassett is offering a six-course tasting menu of his phenomenal fusion style for R150 which is awesome value. The menu consists of:

1. black pepper tartlet onion ragout broccoli rabe crème fraiche stone fruit chutney

2. roast pumpkin miso soup gorgonzola croute

3. linguine thai pesto grana padana homemade lamb chorizo

4. raspberry jelly coconut milk dressing

5. sous vide beef fillet sauce bordelaise puff pastry feullentine char grilled vegetables crispy roast potatoes wasabi hollandaise OR cape sea fish lemon verbena risotto broccoli rabe candied ginger and chilli coriander beurre blanc

6. liquid aerated sponge Mexican vanilla bean ice cream Ayrshire cream

If it sounds complicated, that's because it is. The flavours at Myoga are complex and unusual and this special is an opportunity to get a sense of Mike Bassett's food philosophy. The deal runs until the end of May. For R225, the six courses will be paired with wine.
Myoga is an amazing eating experience, from the UV lights in the toilets to the open plan kitchen where you can watch every masterpiece being prepared. There is a bit of a "Alice-in-wonderland" vibe, with oversized wingback chairs, brass sinks with whisks as props in the entrance and jelly beans on the bar counter. Check it out.

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