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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How do you judge a restaurant?

Food is such a personal thing and it always amazes me how people's opinions/reactions to a restaurant can be so radically different. I think it's awesome how food can create such strong emotions and find it cool to compare notes. That said, there are people who travel around the world refining their palettes to officially announce the best restaurants. Here in SA, we have a few awards, with the Eat Out Magazine naming their top 10 restaurants annually. I was interested to see how they choose these. The following is a list of criteria they use when judging:

o Menu composition

o Seasonality of ingredients

o Food presentation

o Food taste

o Specific dishes eaten

o Value for money

o Wine choice and service

o Service

o Ambience

These categories are then marked seperately and then added to give a final score. Looking at their top 10 f0r 2009 (http://www.eatout.co.za/restaurants/top_10.asp) it's fun to see how you would mark those restaurants. Would you agree/disagree? Which restaurants are missing and which are lucky to be included? I would be interested to know...

It is a list that will be debated every year but as I said, that's part of the appeal isn't it?

Jamie Who


Anonymous said...

From the few restaurants I have been to on that list i think they have done a great job so far. Im interested to see what happens this year with new restaurants like nobu, Maze and Carne opening. I think the competition is going to be tough.

Anonymous said...

Roots at the Forum Homini definitely right up there with my favourite restaurant in SA.
New restaurant at the revamped Mount Grace called The Rambling Vine that is well worth visiting too, it may one day feature on this list...