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Friday, May 1, 2009

Fu.shi - average vibe

I got the infamous sushi-craving yesterday so we headed to Fu.shi for my fix. For those of you who know Plett it is in the new centre next to the dolphin statue at the end of the main drag. The centre itself is pretty awesome and looks glaringly out of place for a holiday town. It would fit in with the most fashionable parts of Cape Town with great finishes, expensive fittings and modern architecture. Sadly, the food did not match up.

Things started off well-enough with the assorted sushi platter. Not amazing, but not terrible either. The tuna and salmon were both was at least fresh. From there though, things took a horrible turn. I had ordered some chicken and vegetable dumplings and when they brought the bamboo steamers to the table they were covered in permanent marker, with the writing indicating what was inside. Not a great vibe. Who exactly is this for? The waiter or me? Couldn't the kitchen just tell the dude who could then tell me? Apparently not. Anyway, I let it slide. What I should've let slide however is the dumplings...all the way onto the floor where my puppy was waiting because maybe he could've eaten them. I could not. For some reason the chef had decided that curried dumplings were a good idea. Now, I know this place is all about fusion cooking, but this really did not work. He had put so much cumin and turmeric in there that the entire texture had changed which meant that the whole thing fell apart when I tried to eat it. I couldn't bring myself to finish them.

If you're ever in Plett and are looking for sushi this place is a good call. Just don't go for the dumplings. Leave that to Wakame. And Haiku.

Jamie Who

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Miss Emma Jude said...

Jamie Who, I did a search on your blog to see if you had done a review for Haiku. I went on Saturday night and absolutely loved the food. It's pricey for what you get but great food is worth (almost) any charge.

What are your thoughts? If you haven't been in a while, perhaps you best check it out.