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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Good Food and Wine Show

The Good Food & Wine Show rolls into Cape Town this weekend. The event is at the CTICC and highlights include the chance to taste bite-size portions of signature dishes from some of the best restaurants in Cape Town as well as the chance to taste and buy over 200 different wines. There is also a food theatre where you can watch local celebs, as well as international food personalities, doing their thing. I feel I should warn you that Ainsley Harriott is one of those people. Is there anyone more irritating on planet earth than Ainsley Harriott? He creeps me out. Please look at this picture properly...
That said, the whole vibe should be awesome. Tickets are R35 for children and R75 for adults. Do it.

For more info check out http://www.gourmetsa.co.za/

For my readers (fans? Is it a bit early for that?) elsewhere in SA, the show is coming to Jozi and Durbs later in the year so don't stress.

Jamie Who

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Anonymous said...

That Harriot looks like the Clown from IT