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Monday, June 28, 2010

Wine of the week - Bramon Sauvignon Blanc MCC 2007

It's no secret that when I take a break from work (that's right, I do actually work) I like to head to The Garden Route. What is a secret though is a little wine farm about 10 minutes outside of Plett. It's called Bramon and makes MCC that I have been drinking fairly solidly for a while now. The chain of events (in a nutshell) goes like this:

1. About 18 months ago I propose to (then) The Princess. (now The Queen of course). 
2. About 8 months ago I spend a long day at Bramon Wine Estate drinking their MCC. 
3. I order waaaaaaaay too much of it for my wedding. 
4. About 6 months ago I get married. 
5. All the guests do their best to finish the bubbly at our wedding. 
6. They don't even get close. 
7. We wake up after the wedding with crates and crates of extra bubbly. 
8. We spend 6 months drinking it. 

It's been a pretty awesome 6 months. 

The MCC itself is unusually made from Sauvignon Blanc, which results in fresh, citrus on the nose and crisp green apples in the mouth. A hint of asparagus comes through nicely. The bubbles themselves are quite aggressive, and perhaps not as refined as some MCC, but I love it. I think it gives the glass some character and it also awakens the mouth. Gentle but authoritative at the same time. Does that make any sense? Like a slap you might give your lover on the bum? (you can see my extensive wine jargon coming through in that last sentence)

Anyway, the stuff is delicious and you would do well to get some. To find out where, check out their site on www.bramonwines.co.za and if ever you are in the area make sure to visit. Just be sure to place your order early on in the trip. Not like us. Unless you want to drink bubbly for 6 months. Well...now that I say it out loud...

Jamie Who


Koek! said...

Bubbly makes me happy. I mean, REALLY happy. Will look out for this one (normally stick to Villiera Brut Natural).

Jeanne @ CookSister! said...

I've driven past there so many times and every time I think "WTF? Wine estate in Plett??" and drive by. My brother has been singing their praises for a while now so best I stop there in Feb when I visit! Would be nice to compare it to my favourite Graham Beck...