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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bistro sixteen82 - Breakfast this time. And another tick.

Remember when I wrote that article about the fabulous new Bistro Sixteen82? (If you don't, then shame on you). Well, I was there again last week for breakfast and enjoyed it so much I just had to tell you all about it. 

You will remember how much I enjoyed my first trip (if not just bear in mind that I'm a straight man who used the word "fabulous"  in his opening paragraph) and this time round was no exception. The venue screams out leisurely breakfast but would make a perfect option for a business breakfast too I reckon. The menu might seem pretty standard at first but when you look closer it becomes pretty apparent that you are about to enjoy something special. One of the items is bacon and eggs. Cool, I dig bacon. And eggs. But look closer and you'll see the "bacon" is actually smoked pork belly - a feature which runs throughout the menu. The pork is smoked and cured on site by chef Brad Ball and is a creative and delicious touch. Other details that are worth mentioning are the complimentary honeyed brioche that appears at every table upon arrival and the unusual potato bread that is served with quite a few of the dishes. 

I had scrambled eggs with smoked salmon (R58). Brad claims he spent years learning the art of scrambled eggs and I have to admit mine were sensational. The dill hollandaise it was served with was good but I felt maybe it could've done with a touch more vinegar. The rest of the menu is made up of eggs benedict (yip, with smoked pork belly. R55), poached eggs with smoked trout and hollandaise sauce (R58), an omelette with asparagus, basil and cherry tomatoes (R55), berries, yoghurt and toasted almonds (R49) and fresh summer mushrooms (R50). I tasted some of the mushrooms and they were a brilliant combination of shitake, portabello and king oysters. Did I mention they were drizzled with the faintest hint of truffle oil? Yeah, well...

I figured it wouldn't be right not to have little glass of bub so I washed it all down with some of Steenberg's 1682 Chardonnay Brut. Because I'm like that. 

This place has thrown its hat quite definitely into the ring for "best breakfast spots in cape Town" in my book. You should keep them in mind next time you're looking. 

Call them on (021) 713-2211.

Jamie Who

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browniegirl said...

Hmmmmmm, I very recently won a meal voucher there through Taste of Cape Town. Im so looking forward to it. Was lovely meeting you on Sunday. Wish I could've socialized a bit more :o) xx