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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Spier Contemporary Art Exhibition

I dusted off my black skinnys and attended the media launch for The Spier Contemporary Art Exhibition last week. It's brought to you by The Africa Centre (www.africacentre.net) and showcases 101 local artists, with 132 stunning pieces having been chosen from more than 2 700 entries. The exhibition features a wide range of skills and techniques, with sculptures, photography, painting, performance art and more all being displayed. 

The exhibition is being held at the City Hall, which itself has been turned from a beautiful space into a breathtaking one. Part of the transformation process has been the creation of a temporary cafe/coffee area catered for by Rotisserie 360. As well as their usual light fare (which is bloody good by the way and I am embarrassed that I haven't reviewed them on this site) they will be serving coffee throughout the day and - to answer the obvious question - yes, they do have a license. 

The exhibition runs until the 14th of May and entry is free. It is something cool and different and it feels hugely satisfying to support the people who have put so much effort into creating the beautiful work. If you are anywhere nearby you should totally check it out. Grab a beer, a chicken sandwich and who knows, maybe even some art? 

For more information, including a list of this year's winners, check out www.spiercontemporary.co.za 

Jamie Who

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