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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Taste Of Cape Town - A review via Twitter

I've said enough about the Taste of Cape Town Festival so I'm not going to do a whole post about what an awesome time I had there last night. Instead let's have a look at my tweets from the event shall we? Things should be pretty obvious. 

5:05pm, Mar 24 from mobile web

2 glasses of Steenberg 1682 Brut and some yellowtail sashimi to kick off @TasteofCT


5:29pm, Mar 24 from mobile web

Salmon in Miso from The Greenhouse and a glass of bush vine Chenin from Bosman Family Vineyards...

5:39pm, Mar 24 from mobile web

Ragu from Il Leone is a showstopper. im definitely tipsy now

5:52pm, Mar 24 from mobile web

soooo...a glass of Mooiplaas chenin and soft shell crab from Bistro Sixteen 82. approaching drunk now

6:18pm, Mar 24 from mobile web

aaaand a glass of Pinot Noir from Elgin Vintners. beautiful and best value for money

6:55pm, Mar 24 from mobile web

okay, truffle burger from the awesome Overture. oh, and a Grolsch

7:36pm, Mar 24 from mobile web

what? have i been to the Patrone stand? yip, had all 4. its heating up

7:40pm, Mar 24 from mobile web

there's always going to be a disappointment on a night like this. and it comes in the form of Myoga's salt & pepper prawns. pathetic.

8:09pm, Mar 24 from mobile web

sho, grande provence shiraz right now. and the duck from Jardine. i wont be driving home. i love you

8:19pm, Mar 24 from mobile web

Heineken. just to mellow for a while


8:45pm, Mar 24 from mobile web

in terms of skill, presentation and execution the chocolate calzone from Grande Provence is leading the pack

8:48pm, Mar 24 from mobile web

the johnnie walker black was probably too soon. some would say

9:02pm, Mar 24 from mobile web

Ended the night with ice cream with the boys from Societi. argument with an old lady. hilarious.

Yeah look, it was good. 

Jamie Who 


jaclynclare said...

Thanks for the hilarious heads up! Looking forward to eating & drinking my way through them all!

Hila said...

Hahah I plan to do it sober so will keep you updated :P

Domi said...

Brilliant! Im going to Taste of CT tomorrow... had it in mind to try the salt and pepper prawns but Ill pass on that now! Thanks! :-)

Favourite sister said...

You've got to expand on the argument with the old bat about the ice-cream container, my favourite part of the night!
"What do you want me to do - scoop it off a bed of roses?" Ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Hilarious commentary - I can picture it. Going this weekend and will scout out the food and wine mentioned

mEeLa said...

Soooooooo excited to go tonight! Thanks for the run-down, I'll definately be keeping it in mind :)


Anonymous said...

People saying too expensive and no body there! Shame

Gerhard Müller said...

It was ME! ha ha ha! Love your blog and glad you commented on the Ice cream! Delicious! Following you on Twitter and looking forward to some fun reading here!
Regards, Gerhard Müller