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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yuppiechef - Welcome

You'll know (hopefully) by now my stance on "freebies". I hate them. I get loads of brand managers, restaurateurs and even hotel groups calling me up and inviting me for a free stay/meal/product sample in exchange for a positive write-up. To me this is the complete opposite of what this blog is all about. I'm trying to give you honest advice. Sure, it's all just my opinion but at least it is an honest one. My usual answer to these offers is that I'll have a look but if things are shit, I will say they're shit. Surprisingly, this scares quite a few people off. How weird is that? Surely if you have any confidence in your brand/product/service at all you would be happy to stand beside it? Strangely this isn't the case. 

Anyway peeps, the reason I'm writing this entry is to introduce you to the first brand that I am going to endorse. And I feel it is necessary to explain why. Yuppiechef (check them out on the right) is a brand that I love. I always have. I love them so much that we had our wedding gift registry with them. I have always shopped through them. 

They will be sending me various products to review under the strict understanding that everything I write will be nothing but the truth. I won't sugar-coat it and if a product is inferior I will be saying so. (Although I'm fairly confident you - like me - will love their vibe)

What I love about Yuppiechef is the fact that they are selling premium products but doing it in a light-hearted, accessible way. They dig food and they want to make your life easier when preparing it. This goes hand-in-hand with my own philosophy of demystifying food. In addition to essential, practical cooking tools, Yuppiechef has funky, quirky gadgets that can make cooking fun and easy. That's why I picked them and that's why you should check them out. 

I will be endorsing a few other brands to this blog when and if I see fit. I will always write a rationale just like this one. Maintaining my credibility in your eyes is hugely important to me. 

I welcome any of your thoughts on this. 

Jamie Who


Hila said...

I will only forgive you if you send some stuff my way :P When I have a kitchen big enough to put stuff in most of it will come from yuppychef (except the vintage stuff my mom has that I am stealing from her)

Anonymous said...

Great name !!! From another Jamie who knows

Anonymous said...

WoW ! You take yourself very seriously!

Jamie Who said...

Anon, I don't take myself too seriously at all. What I do take seriously is honest writing. Having worked in PR I know how easy it is to basically "buy" a good review by shmoozing the right people. That's why blogs gained popularity in the first place. Because they were honest accounts of various industries.

So yeah, that's what I take seriously. It's way too easy to just chuck every brand up here and lose something that I have worked hard to create. Hope you get that?

Anonymous said...

Good reply .. One day we will both have to shed our cloaks of anonymity.. And shake hands in the harsh glare of public Scrutiny.. Do you really think we will have an audience?

PE said...

Jeez Jamie, this is hitting the big time. A brand like this backing you is a compliment.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Yuppiechef. And Kaylee makes my life simpler there :-)

Anonymous said...

hmm from here its a downward slide until you end up being like 2oceansvibe, which I just cant read anymore because I know im being fed stuff that Will Mellor's paid to say. Yes, we know you love xx hotel, and drink xxx cap classique, just shuddup telling us about it.