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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Chef's Warehouse & Cookery School

Liam Tomlin is Irish. Conrad Gallagher is Irish. Jamie Who is Irish. Two of these people are well respected, highly-acclaimed, famous, handsome, charismatic leaders of their respective fields in the food industry. The other one is Conrad Gallagher.  

After leaving Cape Town in a hail of insults, debt and broken promises the Irish community is looking for something to celebrate (besides St Paddy's Day tomorrow which, by the way, I am looking to enjoy at The Slug & Lettuce.) So it is with a great amount of pleasure that I introduce you to one of the country's most exciting food developments. 

Situated at 50 New Church Street, it's called The Chef's Warehouse & Cookery School and it promises some of the most exciting cooking classes and short-courses you could ever imagine. The main feature is Liam's 20-part course running on alternate Saturdays. He is backed up by a list guest of speakers that reads like The Harlem Globetrotters of the local food scene.  Neil Jewel (Bread & Wine) on the 5th of May, Bruce Robertson on the 6th of May, Alexander Meuller (Pure) on the 24th of May, Luke Dale-Roberts (La Colombe) on the 8th of June. Are you getting this? There is a wine course by Caroline Rillema and a bread-making course by Tim Faull of Knead. Others mentioned are Laurent Deslandes (Bizerca Bistro), Reuben Riffel (Reuben's), Pete Goffe-Wood (Kitchen Cowboys, Wild Woods) Margot Janse (The Tasting Room) and even Richard Corrigan. (You're kidding right? Google him.) 

I had to take a deep breath there, I was getting a bit carried away. But honestly, have you ever seen anything like that? I half expected to see Oprah giving a lecture on how to make a birthday cake. It's mental. 

The first course starts on the 24th of April. For more info e-mail info@chefswarehouse.co.za 

Jamie Who

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