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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Taste of Cape Town competition winners

It's time children. Time for me to announce the winners of the Taste of Cape Town double-tickets. Let me just say I was pretty overwhelmed by how many entries I got. With this kind of enthusiasm we can safely conclude that the foodie movement is alive and well in Cape Town! That and the fact that people dig free shit. 

The two winners I chose were picked on the basis of one simple thing: their obvious passion towards food. 

So without wasting too much of your time (I know you all have to go and pretend to work) here they are. The winners. Give them a hand...

1. Samantha Bath, for her review on Eight at Spier
2. Jaclyn Van Zyl, for her Moroccan-inspired minty marinade. 

Nice one ladies. Drop me an e-mail to arrange collection of tickets. 

Jamie Who

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