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Friday, August 28, 2009

Caveau - Happy 5th birthday, I look forward to the next 5!

Lovelies, I write to you today through a hazy headache that could kill a small donkey. The throbbing pain is courtesy of the boys at Caveau and their 5th birthday which they celebrated last night. 

I could not believe the spread that was laid on for us. 20 wineries pouring generously the whole night and buckets of Grolsch wherever you looked. Basically, you couldn't stay sober. Not that we tried. 

And the food! Holy sh*t, the food. Salmon blinis, steamed mussels, sushi, pork belly, chicken satays, prawns, sausages with mustard, chicken wraps, lamb samoosas, spanakopita and of course their famous beef fillet cubes with bearnaise sauce. And desserts. White chocolate and dark chocolate brownies, mini eclairs and Lindt fountains. It was honestly a joke. 

Caveau is one of my favourite restaurants in the country. The food is consistently high, the winelist is the best I have seen anywhere and the hospitality is always amazing. The hosts, Jean and Brendon are always around and aren't shy of getting their hands dirty. (Just allow time for Brendon to roll up his Fabiani sleeves.) The menu changes daily according to what is fresh and there is a separate tapas menu which is perfect to pair up with after-work drinks. 

They are open in Heritage Square (92 Bree Street) in town and Josephine's Mill (13 Boundary Road) in Newlands. Give them a call on (021) 422-1367 and (021) 685-5140 respectively. 

Jamie Who

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