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Friday, August 14, 2009

Pinotage on Tap - wait, what did you say?

Take out your pens. Take out your calendar. Turn to the 24th of October and make a big X. Congratulations, you are now going to The Pinotage On Tap Festival at Diemersfontein.

Diemersfontein Pinotage is a little slice of rainbow and this festival basically gives you the opportunity to drink as much of the stuff as you can. "Jamie, Jamie don't you think it tastes like chocolate. And coffee??!!" Yes my luv, calm down. Everybody knows that by now but well done. I'm digging the enthusiasm.

The festival serves up a little bit of live music in the form of aKING, Lonesome Dave Ferguson (the dude who plays at The Woodstock Market with his harmonica) and Haydn Gardner's Swing Band. The event has been pushed out a month so hopefully the weather will play its part. As well as the music, there is a BOTTOMLESS chocolate fountain and loads of strawberries. There are also snack-packs to encourage the picnic vibe. Ok, good.

There are three categories of tickets, check them (and other details) out for yourselves at http://www.diemersfontein.co.za/index.php?pageid=eventpot09&id=POTC09. It's going to be a screaming scream people.

And for those of you up in Jozi, instead of bitching about how Cape Town has all these awesome wine weekends, rather relax and stay posted. Diemersfontein has something planned for you too. Watch this space.

Jamie Who

P.S. I think we should all say a nice big thank you to Hotspur who basically did all my work for me on this article. Last night it was a drunken thought, today it is reality. Nice one.

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