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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Grand - but is it really?

Bloody hell, Saturday was a mess. With Power coming by my place to dazzle us with cocktails and The Big Dog and Pull-up both visiting from out-of-town we all got a bit carried away. I only mention this to explain the kind of state I was in on Sunday morning. I woke up feeling rude and did what anyone in Cape Town does when the weather is amazing and your condition is not. I went to Camps Bay.

My mind was already wrestling with itself over what kind of trip this was going to be. There was the solid but maybe too aggressive option of a Bloody Mary at Caprice, or there was something a bit more civilised. A bit more responsible. Lunch at The Grand.

I am a huge fan of this place and I think its interior might be my favourite in Cape Town. Rich leather couches upstairs, vintage bookshelves, mock-fur throws, and pink walls. Black and white photographs, antlers, hanging lamps, bookshelves. Honestly, one of the most eclectic collections of random things that you could imagine. But they all have one thing in common. They are all beautiful, unashamedly glamorous and 100% in line with the restaurant's name.

Having mostly eaten off the bar menu on previous visits, (an awesome little menu by the way - prego rolls, mussels and frites, and even a toasted crayfish sandwich) I was presented with the lunch menu this time. A step up from the bar menu, the focus is still on cafe food. There are a few salads, pastas, fish cakes etc and even and an intriguing sounding "low carb burger". The Big Dog and I both went for the burger and The Princess chose a linguini with mozzarella, basil and tomatoes. Our burgers arrived without a roll. Ok, low carb, now I get it. The patty itself was really good and was definitely made up of more than just minced beef. Perhaps a pork and beef split? The pepper sauce, which arrives standard apparently, was good and the chips were outstanding. The irony for me was that they brought fresh bread rolls to the table while we were eating. So...I ordered a burger, got a burger patty and was then offered a roll. The Princess's pasta was bland and made little impression.

To me, The Grand is an absolute showstopper in terms of location but from past experiences the food can be inconsistent. It is also pretty steep and, while lunch on Sunday was pleasant, the question is: would it have been so enjoyable without the setting and the decor?

Find out yourself by booking a table on (021) 438-4253.

Jamie Who

P.S. Apologies for the lack of photo. The most beautiful restaurant in the country and I forget my camera. Not my best effort but let's blame it on Saturday.


Lisa said...

I also love this place. Did you know there is one in Plett?

Anonymous said...

Location, location, location plus beautiful decor does not a good restaurant make. Disappointing meal (with hair in my salad...) and a waitress who couldn't pronounce the wine, or bring us the correct bottle. Decided to give The Grand in Granger Bay a bash... maybe it would be better. Sadly, the model/maitre d' was a pretty face, but lacking in good people skills. Turned tail and ran, as I couldn't face another disappointing and over priced experience.