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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hudson's Burger Joint - All the cool kids are doing it

The new talk of the town amongst the Cape Town trendy (that's you and me by the way) is Hudson's Burger Joint on Kloof Street. Owned by the same guy who is in charge of Cape Town's beloved Caprice, the place oozes cool. Maybe it's the giant wooden head that dominates the interior, maybe it's the J-BOT ,(Jack Black On Tap - cool abbreviation, I know, use it if you want) maybe it's the trippy upside-down skyline painted in the bathroom or maybe it's the cute waitresses in their fited cowgirl shirts. Oh yeah, maybe it's the burgers...

With a menu that punts designer burgers in 150g or 250g patties there is something for everyone, including two vegetarian options. Every burger comes with chips and a funky name with dishes like The Wiseguy, The Works, and of course the signature Hudson. Toppings include cheddar, avo, bacon, mayo etc. and there also some pretty cool side orders in the form of chilli-poppers, beer-battered onion rings and Jessica Simpson chicken wings. Wash them down with homemade lemonade or some delicious sounding milkshakes, including peanut butter and Horlicks versions.

The burgers themselves are good but not yet the best in Cape Town. (I have a feeling with time they will mount a serious challenge though.) If you want a solid, affordable burger with a side order of people watching then this your spot. Plus, you can keep it tidy by ordering the ostrich burger - ostrich is naturally low in fat and high in protein - and laughing off the chips. The side salad they bring you in their place is impressive. Unlike most places where a side salad often feels like an afterthought and is made up of some limp leaves and stale tomatoes, Hudson's has nailed theirs. Pine nuts, artichokes and fresh greens makes you feel like you aren't really sacrificing that much. And if you're the type who can't say "burger" without immediately following it with "chips" ask them to do a half-half with salad and chips. Yip, you can do that.

Hudson's Burger Joint is at 69A Kloof Street. Call them on (021) 426-5974.

Jamie Who


dizzy* said...

Mm...Hudson's may have taken their "half-half with salad and chips" idea from Royale Eatery :) I have yet to try the burgers at Hudson's, but whenever the burger craving hits, I head to Royale, where I have never been disappointed.

Anonymous said...

nice place if you want to show your new paul smiths off but as for the burger..... 50/50. i've eaten a lot of new york burgers and this is nothing like them! but hey, give it time. went to frieda's in lower bree last week for there burger night. simple but clever menu! got my rands worth that's for sure!