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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bistro Sixteen82 - Steenberg just keeps giving

I love Steenberg. There's something very "pleasantville" about it all. Golf carts everywhere, families going for walks, kids riding bikes, joggers doing their thing, dogs sniffing arses etc. The whole thing just works! I thoroughly enjoy it. And...with our own little slice of heaven on the 13th fairway, I am more than happy to go spend the odd weekend out there, playing golf and just chilling hard.

Besides the amazing vineyards, there is also a GORGEOUS five-star hotel. The clubhouse is a good place to have a beer and watch rugby and their restaurant - Catharina's - is a good display of fine dining. So, generally, I am very happy with Steenberg's vibe. Imagine my excitement then when Long Distance shot through an e-mail saying they were opening a new restaurant. He told me it was going to serve bistro food, which I absolutely love if it is done properly. I investigated a bit more (as I do...for you) and it seems he was right. The menu has 3 price options of R155, R185 or R220 per person and that gets you three courses. The price then obviously determines the complexity of the menu. SAMPLES of the MAIN COURSES for the three categories are: Gnocchi with pancetta, spring peas and parmesan, aged Ribeye with bearnaise sauce and scallops and crawfish with blood orange and fennel.

Set to open on the 13th of November, the restaurant is to be called Bistro Sixteen82. The man in charge is Brad Ball, previously at River Cafe and Olympia Cafe. When I called them, the woman I spoke to explained the food as simple and fresh and according to www.eatout.co.za there will also be a raw bar featuring oysters, sashimi, ceviche etc.

I can see myself there in Summer. Salmon tartar (you can make me one of those, right?) and a glass of Steenberg Sauvignon Blanc. Yes please.

Jamie Who

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