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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reuben's at The Robertson - There are worse places to go

Boutique is a word that gets me very excited. Especially when it is followed by the word hotel. Hey?!! How awesome are boutique hotels? They're always a bit quirky, a bit edgy, a little off-the-beaten-track and they are always...and I mean always boasting beauiful interior design. There is a definite trend towards small towns opening up some kick-ass places to stay and areas like Stanford, Greyton, Riebeek Kasteel, Wellington and Langebaan all spring to mind. So, when I heard about the new Robertson Small Hotel in...umm...ROBERTSON, I was more than a bit intrigued. That was before I even knew that Reuben Riffel (of Reuben's in Franschoek fame) was opening a second venue there. The plan is to serve up natural, seasonal produce with an emphasis on organic fare where possible. With a menu boasting items like sweetbreads, wing rib, and chorizo-crusted fish it is safe to say the expectations are high. The restaurant has sourced as much as possible from nearby suppliers - something that already earns massive points in my book. Breakfasts are placed on a pedestal too, so they clearly know how to play to my weaknesses. (Brioche with bacon, pomegranate syrup, clotted cream and rocket sound good to anyone else or is just me?)

The hotel itself has 10 rooms, 2 swimming pools, a stylish bar which I could definitely enjoy a few drinks in and a modern wine cellar. I can think of much worse ways to spend the weekend. To find out more check out their site at http://www.therobertsonsmallhotel.com/
Reuben has been relatively quiet lately in terms of accolades - is this perhaps a return to former glory?

Jamie Who

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