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Monday, September 28, 2009

Massimo's Pizza Club - Good luck beating it

I recently wrote an entry boldly declaring Carlyle's the best pizza in Cape Town. http://jamiewhatshisname.blogspot.com/2009/09/carlyles-best-pizza-in-cape-town.html

Read it, read the comments, enjoy my charismatic writing and hear me out. I was wrong. Now...it's not often I admit a mistake but I come to you tail-between-the-legs to ask forgiveness. I appeal especially to the person called "L" who suggested Massimo's Pizza Club in Hout Bay had Cape Town's best pizza. Turns out, she was spot on.

I went there last night with The Rentals and was blown away. Take everything you think you know about pizza and throw it out the window. These creations are paper-thin, spread with a delicious tomato sauce (the hero of the pizza) and topped sparingly with only a few ingredients. The philosophy here is that a real pizza should not be over-complicated.
Last night the quality of ingredients was critical and the flavour combinations were traditional and unique at the same time. (Coppa ham and rucola, pancetta and mushrooms, pear and gorgonzola, anchovies and capers, mozzarella and pesto etc.) There was even a boerewors pizza and a white pizza with no tomatoes, but instead smoked cheese and garlic. All were sensational. You can order off the normal menu but the true concept is to settle in for a pizza feast, whereby Massimo brings the pizzas to the table and everyone helps themselves. This encourages everyone to try as many flavour varieties as possible. For R98 you can eat as many as you like and even enjoy the house salad for the evening. (When I went it was cannellini bean and tuna).

Decor. Ummm...this is going to be a very short paragraph. No style awards here. Brown paper tablecloths with the winelist (good by the way) scribbled in black pen. That said, it kind-of adds to the appeal of the place. Rustic and laid-back. No hang-ups.

Service was outstanding and to top things off we sampled some AMAZING Limoncello which is for sale. We also had Bicerin which is a chocolate liqueur. Both hand-made, both phenomenal. I could not leave without a bottle.

In terms of X-Factor, Massimo's is flooding with the stuff. Hospitality from a husband and wife team, quality food and real passion. Hard to beat. As I said, my idea of Cape Town's best pizza has shifted very quickly. With hindsight, my trainer and I can count ourselves lucky that this place is not closer to home.
Call them on 073 390 1373 or check out their website www.pizzaclub.co.za They are open from Wednesdays to Sundays from 17h30.

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Hila said...

Will give it a try but my favourite pizza (not including my dads because well his is the best in the world!) is still from Postichino in Sea Point

Massimo said...

Pizza Club...is not only pizza!!!

we are organizing a “Cenone di Capodanno” (New Years Eve celebration) for 31 December at 8pm.
This time no pizza, we want to show that we can also cook a proper Italian celebration dinner! see http://www.pizzaclub.co.za/Html/capodanno.html for full menu (you might have to stop eating after Christmas to fit it all in!)

massimo said...

you can now win a Piatto di Legno, our new mixed starter platter by entering this competition:http://www.mothercityliving.co.za/20100108/win-a-piatto-di-legno-platter-from-massimos-pizza-club/