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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eat In Produce Awards 2010 - Vote now

I know you. You're like me. You also enjoy championing the true artisan. You and me love the extra effort that goes into Jack Black beer, we love the fact that the dude selling sourdough at the Woodstock market begins cooking on Thursday evening to get ready in time for Saturday. We appreciate every sip of the beer at &Union and don't bitch too much about the price (until we realise how many we've had - "how did that happen?" is a popular question). We stroll through markets and we linger a little bit too long at the counter at Jardine bakery or the deli section at Caveau. The reason for this, I tell myself, is because we appreciate quality. Once you've tasted the best, it is a difficult job convincing your tastebuds that standard fare will do. I try. I tell them things will be fine. But they never are. They end up resenting me and I just can't have that.

So, basically, that is why http://www.eat-in.co.za/ is such an important site to me. At the moment they are taking votes for their 2010 Produce Awards. There are categories for best new product, best small producer:bakery, best small producer:dairy, best organic producer, outstanding supplier etc. Nominations close on the 14th so best you get going.

Vote. It's the right thing to do.

Jamie Who


lisa said...

Cassis is my favourite bakery!

Animal said...

I don't know his name but the butcher at The Woodstock Market is friendly and his food is outstanding.