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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Jozi Food Market - I'm happy with their vibe

I always talk about how much I love food markets. What's not to like? Food? Gooooood. Booze? Gooooood. The outdoors? Gooooood. I'm obviously not the only one, as markets are sprouting up all over the place. One that stands out for me is the Jozi Food Market in the Parktown Quarter.

I know I'm always punting Cape Town and saying how beautiful the mountain is, the sea, the beaches, the winelands (there I go again) but one thing Joburg does have is weather. And that is what makes the JFM (see what I did there) so awesome. It has such a good vibe because everyone and everything is celebrating being outdoors. In terms of produce on offer they have killed it. Everything from gourmet boerie rolls to high-end kitchen appliances. The range of stuff available is ridiculous. There is a persian-themed stall, a halaal stall and a dude selling goat's cheese. What's so special about the goat's cheese? Well...the dude brings the goats. That's pretty cool. There is Polish food, Vietnamese food and Lebanese food. Bloody hell, the place is as cosmopolitan as it comes. What more do you want people???!!

As with all the good markets, its the people who make it and there are some real characters here. Grab a beer, take a stroll and interact with the vendors. I think you will be amazed at their willingness to talk. It's like they are itching for an excuse to tell you about what they are selling. You can't help but feed off that enthusiasm and passion. It's also worth mentioning that the owners have been supporting the African children's feeding scheme charity through the market and, while I'm not trying to make you feel guilty, let me just say this: if you don't go and buy something you're basically starving someone. I hope you're happy.

Aaanyway, the market turns 1 in October and they have a few events to celebrate. In fact, they seem to have something on the go all the time which I appreciate. With something like this it's so important to keep re-inventing yourself and the guys at JFM are well aware of this. You should check it out. If you don't....you're starving someone.

The market runs every Saturday from 08h30 to 13h30. Check out their site at http://www.jozifoodmarket.co.za/

Jamie Who


Pete said...

Who can I contact to open my own stall?

Bridget said...

I love a food market more than anything in the world.
Thanks for the article.

Jakkels said...

Next time you're in Jozi, drop by Moemas in Parktown. Oh so FAB! And worth a writeup. I think :) http://www.moemas.co.za/