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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Women's Health - Coming soon

So, Women's Health have (finally) arrived in South Africa. The first edition is not yet on shelves (I've left a subtle clue somewhere in the picture above as to when it will be) but they have launched a killer website in the meantime to get the ladies in the vibe. They have a "Hot bloggers" section and would you believe it they have listed Jamie Who on there. Now, I have no idea how they knew how exactly how hot I was but let me tell you, I'm pretty stoked. What's that? You don't think they were talking about physical appearances when they said "hot". Whatever. 

The mag is going to be awesome and I'm chuffed to be a small part of it. Just doing my best to make sure you stay healthy ladies. Just doing my bit. Like a soldier. 

Check out the site on www.womenshealthsa.co.za

Jamie Who 

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Anonymous said...

Well done Mr.Who