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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Soupa - Duper

In Thibalt square, across the road from its more fancied competitor, there lurks a little gem of a restaurant that feeds those who are lucky enough to know about it. Because of me, you are now one of those people. You’re welcome.

Called Soupa, the place serves modern South African contemporary fusion cuisine. Really Jamie? No, not really. The place serves soups. It also does salads, wraps and fresh smoothies (real smoothies, not the powdered rubbish). The design won’t win any d├ęcor awards but somehow the combination of bright polka dot table cloths and a candy-striped counter where you order seems to work. It adds a bit of character. And that is exactly what I like about this place…character. The staff are worth a mention too. Service with a smile is taken to a whole new level here and I know of plenty of high-end restaurants that would do well to take note of how it should be done.

The food itself is simple and rustic but extremely tasty. With fresh ingredients, there is a definite focus on health with soups like beef and barley and “detox vegetable”. There are basic salads like chicken, tuna, Caprese and roasted vegetable. In fact, you can’t really go wrong health-wise as long as you stay away from the muffins. Commercially made muffins are often made with butter and sugar and you’d be better off having a fruit salad. I was there for lunch and went with an Asian beef noodle wrap. (I had a spinning class to psyche myself up for so the extra carbs were important.) It was nice to find proper pieces of medium rare meat as opposed to tough overcooked strips of minute steak. I also had a berry smoothie which was better than most. Lambert had a chicken noodle soup and was impressed. Packed with vegetables and with a nice amount of chicken, she seemed happy.

A really nice touch is the fact that you can get a drive-by take away meal if you are in a hurry. Just phone ahead and they will literally wait on the sidewalk and hand you your meal. Pretty cool.

As mentioned, you can find Soupa in Thibalt Square. Shop number 42. Or get hold of them on (021) 421-1506.

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