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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Roxanne Floquet - Seriously beautiful food

In my opinion, the line between art and food has become blurred. In a good way. Presentation has reached the point where sometimes you just want to hang a plate of food on a wall instead of eating it. Food photography and styling is so beautiful that cookbooks are the new coffee table books. The thought processes of people like Heston Blumenthal and Adria Ferran are nothing short of genius. (Google them...you will be fascinated). In fact, Adria Ferran was a speaker at this year's Design Indaba. A cook! Inspiring the most creative minds in the country. It's awesome.

I am telling you all of this because I want - no, I NEED - you to check out the following site:

I stumbled across her work looking for someone to make our wedding cake (yes ladies, I am getting married. Calm down, get yourself off the floor and back on your seat. Everything will be fine) and I was blown away. Honestly, her work is stunning. (too gay? stunning? Should I have gone with gorgeous? Not much better really...)

Anyyyyyway, after working in London and training under some HUGE names she has returned to SA and works from Cape Town. If you need a cake for a special occasion, or cupcakes, or petit-fours, biscuits, cookies etc. check her out. She's pretty good. Did I mention she made cupcakes for Elton John? Yeah, not bad.

I wonder... if Elton John was a blogger, would he write "This chick is making Jamie Who's wedding cake. She is brilliant." Probably.

Jamie Who

P.S. If you liked that, check out this site too: http://www.peggyporschen.com/ (yeah, it's pretty cool when Stella McCartney is your point-of-reference quote on your homepage)


PE said...

stunning and gorgeous are too gay but after looking at those cakes I don't blame you

Lisa said...

Those are the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen!

niceonesteve said...

Those things are epic! At first I was sad they didn't put the DOLLAR SIGN $$$$$$$$ biscuits on the site. But then I realised you're just saving the best for yourself ay Rox? good move...

Anonymous said...

The most beautiful cakes EVER!! Totally spectacular (,")

Unknown said...

Check out http://cupcakedlights.blogspot.com/..

Reason enough to get married in durban!