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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

All Manna of Mushrooms - Creating opportunity and selling awesome shrooms

On Saturday, browsing through the Oude Libertas Market in Stellenbosch (full review still to come), I stumbled across a real "feel-good" story. I stopped at a mushroom stand, and was busy shooting the beautiful things, when I got into a coverstaion with the lady at the stall. I was telling her about Jamie Who and asked her about where her farm was, how she distributes etc. She explained that what her company (All Manna Of Mushrooms) does is take old shipping containers and clean them out. These are then insulated and the end result is perfect mushroom-growing chambers. Kind of like portable micro-farms. How cool? But the best was still to come. She then takes these containers and places them in townships allowing the less fortunate to get involved an giving them an opportunity to earn a regular income. Awesome.

The mushrooms themselves are incredible and I walked away with Enoki, Oyster and Porcini varieties. I thought I'd give you a little run-down how I like to use the different types. If you thought a shroom was a shroom, then shame. That's why I'm here my luv.

Okay, so in a nutshell:
  • Enoki - Best used as funky garnishes in soups and salads. You can also use them in stirfries or as snacks at cocktail parties (Try wrapping parma-ham or salmon around them.)
  • Porcini - These are quite "meaty" so are good gently sauteed in garlic and parsley or added to a risotto.
  • Oyster - King Oysters are more common and are amazing with strong, robust dishes like lamb and pork. The more delicate pink, golden and grey oysters are an awesome starter served raw with a vinaigrette dressing.
  • Shitake - These guys are tough and can handle slow cooking so roast them, stew them, stuff them with cheese or use them in soups.
  • Button mushrooms - Piss off. We don't do boring here.

If you would like to mail Heike from All Manna Of Mushrooms drop her a line on heike@mushroom-manna.co.za or call her on 082 657 2428. It could be perfect for a corporate sponsorship. Otherwise, you might just want some amazing shrooms.


Jamie Who

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Isabella Niehaus said...

Wow! What an awesome review for DEAR ME and Vanessa!!!!!
And then I read about my dear friend Heike from Mushroom Manna....i started a food market in Vredenburg last year and from day one Heike and her mushrooms was the main attraction!!! I enjoy your blogg immensely. If ever you have time...first sat of the month do pop around to our food market.